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50 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense

50 Contoh soal simple present tense ini spesial untuk pak guru atau tentor yang ingin membuat soal untuk ulangan muridnya tapi sudah tidak punya cukup waktu.
  1. Do you …
    a. like  b. likes  c. is like
  2. … she sing well?
    a. is b. does c. am
  3. … he clever enough?
    a. is b. does c. are
  4. Do you … coffee with mocha?
    a. like  b. likes  c. be like
  5. He … not want to go to central park.
    a. does  b. do  c. is
  6. … we too late to catch the flight?
    a. are  b. is  c. do
  7. It …  a half pass three.
    a. am  b. are  c. is
  8. You … so beautiful today.
    a. is  b. look  c. do
  9. My grand father … in a village.
    a. does  b. lives  c. are live
  10. Sorry, I … not at home now.
    a. am  b. is  c. be
  11. We … Javanese
    a. are  b. do are  c. to be
  12. … your friends study at school everyday?
    a. do  b. does  c. is
  13. Does your mother always pick you up everyday?
    a. yes, she does  b. yes, she is  b. no, she is not.
  14. The cat … the mice at night.
    a. hunt  b. hunts  c. huntes
  15. Mr. Brown is a teacher. He … science.
    a. teach  b. teaches  c. teachs
  16. He … me about the secret.
    a. tells  b. telles  c. is tell
  17. You and Jono … friend.
    a. is  b. are  c. am
  18. … there books on the table.
    a. are  b. is  c. does
  19. I and my grand mother always … to a market together.
    a. am  b. goes  c. gos
  20. Do you … a motorcycle?
    a. has  b. have  c. haves
  21. The students … the home work in the afternoon.
    a. do  b. does  c. doing
  22. … you … up at 5 a.m every morning?
    a. do – gets  b. does – get  c. do – get
  23. Do you know who I am? Yes, I …
    a. knows b. do  c. know
  24. Are you still alone?
    a. no, I am  b. yes, I do  c. yes, I am
  25. does sun rise from the east … ?
    a. yesterday  b. every morning c. tomorrow
  26. you help me when I need you?
    a. will  b. does  c. do
  27. My sister … in Jakarta.
    a. lives  b. living  c. live
  28. I … like coffee.
    a. does not  b. do not  c. is not
  29. The sun … at day.
    a. shine b. do shine  c. shines
  30. That mountain … very high.
    a. are  b. is  c. does
  31. Where … work?
    a. does she  b. is she  c. she is
  32. is … a teacher?
    a. Mr. John  b. Mr. John and Mr. Brown  c. you
  33. My mother always wake me up …
    a. every morning  b. yesterday  morning c. tomorrow morning
  34. Nothing … impossible as long as we try.
    a. is not  b. is  c. does not
  35. March and Venus … planets.
    a. are  b. are not  c. is a
  36. My uncle is a farmer. He always … his farm ever day.
    a. dig  b. dug  c. digs
  37. A bird … with its wings.
    a. flys  b. fly  c. flies
  38. … it rain a lot in Jakarta?
    a. is  b. does  c. do
  39. … Susi, John and brown go to camping in summer?
    a. do  b. does  c. is
  40. The water … to the lower surface.
    a. flows  b. flowes  c. flow
  41. The clock beeps …?
    a. yesterday  b. every hour  c. now
  42. … there anyone in your home?
    a. is  b. are  c. am
  43. Do you know where the post office near here?
    a. yes, I do  b. yes, I am  c. no, I do
  44. … I look so tired?
    a. do  b. am  c. is
  45. My father is … busy with his work.
    a. always  b. look  c. do
  46. Radit is a lazy student. He … comes late.
    a. never  b. always  c. seldom
  47. I rarely … coffee before going to bed.
    a. drinks  b. drank  c. drink
  48. My brother always … to mosque every Friday.
    a. goes  b. go  c. gos
  49. Our God … sleeps.
    a. never  b. does no  c. is not
  50. Indonesia … a big country, I love Indonesia.
    a. are  b. is  c. does

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